Trailer Parks Malibu-Style

Trailer Parks Malibu-Style

Traditional perceptions of trailer parks evoke images of modest, unassuming homes in communal settings. However, a new dawn has broken on the concept of trailer parks, particularly in Malibu. The modern mobile home in Malibu has become a symbol of exclusivity, where high-end living gracefully intertwines with charm and innovation. Imagine living in a beautifully-designed mobile abode overlooking the Pacific with private access to pristine beaches and a range of amenities that rival those of neighboring resorts. As you explore Malibu real estate, take a look at some of the top trailer parks in the area and find out how to invest.

Malibu’s trail-blazing communities

Each of Malibu’s mobile home communities boasts a distinctive feel while collectively sharing a commitment to reimagining luxury living. These communities are adorned with luxurious touches that transform daily life into an indulgent retreat. For example, it’s common to see residents driving around their golf carts around the mobile park community.

So how does it work? When a buyer purchases a mobile home, the buyer pays what’s called ‘space rent’ with the owner of the park. There’s a land lease on the land of each trailer park and each park has a certain year of terms to that land. The more times a mobile home gets turned over affects the price of that space rent.

Paradise Cove

As far as Malibu trailer parks go, Paradise Cove has always been one of the best-known options. It has a very camp-like, earthy, rustic feel to its setting. The homes in Paradise Cove are set up in more of an organic positioning. Residents in this exclusive coastal location enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, beach access, stunning ocean views, and a tight-knit community atmosphere.

The Paradise Cove community is gated with a security guard and a cafe that is open to the public. There’s also tennis courts, playground and a clubhouse. The homes in Paradise Cove range from the $1M to $7M pricing. It is most known for its exclusive private surf beaches which has always maintained its exclusivity.

Point Dume Club

Point Dume Club has recently become one of the most sought-out mobile communities in Malibu. Set perched above the Pacific Ocean, the PDC, as the locals know it, is laid out in a pristine and manicured setting.

Gated with 24-hour security, a brand new clubhouse with swimming pool, spa, saunas, tennis courts and basketball courts, the PDC offers a true community. Easy walking distance to the beach and to shopping, this trailer park is a favorite. A buyer can find a trailer in the PDC ranging from $1M - $3M.

Why invest in Malibu trailer park real estate?

Malibu trailer parks redefine expectations. Much like traditional homes, these properties offer a range of styles, including ones like Mediterranean and contemporary. Those looking for anything from modest single-bedroom, single-bathroom options to more expansive layouts with three or four bedrooms will find a range of properties that suit their needs. Residents also enjoy a secure, safe home within these gated communities.

More affordable prices

The primary advantage of owning a Malibu mobile home is obtaining beachside access at a lower price. While conventional homes in Malibu can have starting prices of nearly $6,000,000, larger properties with beach access can climb as high as $125 million or more. Contrasting this with mobile homes in the area, you’ll get beachside access from a range of $1M - $7.5M. Moreover, these residences feature generous living spaces and encompass the full array of contemporary amenities one would expect from conventional Malibu real estate.

Environmental perks

In addition to their affordability and custom appeal, upscale trailer park homes in Malibu allow residents to embrace a more minimalist and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. These homes have an eco-friendly ethos, with reduced utility usage and a smaller ecological footprint. Residents often adopt energy-efficient practices, and communal spaces encourage resource-sharing and reduced consumption. By residing in upscale trailer parks, individuals demonstrate a commitment to both elegant living and responsible stewardship of the environment, creating a harmonious existence that mirrors Malibu's dedication to a greener future.

How to invest

If you’re interested in investing in a Malibu trailer park community, begin by diving deeper into the communities around town. Get to know their specific amenities, demographics, and potential for appreciation. In doing so, it can help to engage with a local real estate team that specializes in mobile home parks so you can gain insights into current market trends and evaluate investment potential with greater accuracy.

Consider the financial aspects, including upfront costs, ongoing expenses, and potential rental income. You’ll want to walk through similar steps as you would when investing in a standard home, including building your credit score and applying for mortgage pre-approval. Collaborate with your team of financial advisors to assess your investment capacity and ensure you know how much you’re able to invest. From there, due diligence is key. Review each property with great care and take note of how the communities manage shared spaces. Get to know the expectations that each location places on its residents and be sure you’re willing to commit not only to your prized property but the community as a whole.

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