West Coast Relocation Specialist

West Coast Relocation Specialist

Moving from East to West Coast is a dream for many Americans. The weather, the scenery, the nature, the culture, and the economy are just a few of the reasons why relocating to the West Coast is such a popular lifestyle choice. Nancy Ellin is a real estate agent and relocation specialist who helps clients find their ideal future on the West Coast. Read on to see how and why this dream could be a reality for you.

Why the West Coast?

Each region of the U.S. has its own features that attract different personality types and foster different lifestyles. The West Coast, however, has always had a special allure in the American imagination. From the towering hills of Hollywood to the beaches of Malibu, generation after generation of Americans has aspired to call this area home. Numerous songs, films, and stories have romanticized the journey westward, a journey that is symbolic of the American spirit.

The warm, lively climate of this area is one of the main selling points. The Los Angeles area has the sunshine to uplift your mood, and you’re never far from the beach when you need to cool down. The ability to live in a major urban area so close to beachside getaways is another reason that compels people toward Southern California. The culture, which is largely influenced by the sun-kissed coastal environment of this area, is another thing that pulls newcomers to L.A.

For Nancy Ellin, relocating from East to West Coast is more than just something she helps her clients do. Nancy herself made the move years ago. She’s never looked back, and she’s helped countless others to make similar journeys. To get more insight into the West Coast vibe that is so enchanting to so many, check out Nancy’s blog.

Selling your home

Selling your home will be one of the major landmarks in your process of relocating. You can use a home valuation tool to estimate the value of your current property in order to start your process of financial planning. Depending on your specific point of origin and destination, you will need to coordinate your move with agents across two different states.

However, clients moving from the New York area will be pleased to know that Nancy Ellin is as active in this area as she is on the West Coast. With clients and connections in New York, Nancy helps clients thoroughly plan their relocation process. Buyers and sellers feel confident knowing that they can work with the same agent on both coasts for the most smooth and seamless transition possible.

Buying a new home

Purchasing a property in a new state is one of the most significant hurdles that cause would-be movers to hit the snooze button on their dream of relocating to the West Coast. That’s one major reason to work with a real estate agent specializing in assisting clients with cross-country moves. After all, the logistical planning involved in purchasing a home already requires a lot of effort, and even more effort is required to plan a move to a different state. Work with a realtor who has helped numerous other clients make similar moves in order to enjoy a smooth, streamlined process of buying a new home in a new state.

West Coast properties

As diverse as the neighborhoods and geographic niches of the LA area are, the properties are equally diverse. Some are designed with economy in mind, and others are the embodiment of pure luxury distilled into an estate.

Single-family homes and condominiums dominate the market in and around L.A. You can find ranch-style properties and sprawling country estates if you go a little further out. Since the different neighborhoods in the area vary in terms of their historical development as well as their population density, you will find that the lot size and square footage of single-family homes will vary widely. Luxury condominiums are a popular option, however, because they embody the urban luxury lifestyle with which some of the best local neighborhoods are associated.

Logistical and financial planning for your relocation

Even if they have the means, one thing that holds many people back from relocating is the desire to avoid intricate logistical planning. Having done this herself, Nancy Ellin works to ensure her clients have every detail planned out as needed without having to go it alone. Moreover, modern buyers and sellers have a great deal of flexibility as far as conducting business remotely. Getting representation, looking at homes, negotiating contracts, securing transactions, and even signing paperwork can be done largely remotely. When you work with a West Coast relocation specialist, you’ll know in advance what’s needed from you and how to go about the process. When you finally arrive at your new property, you’ll be at ease knowing everything has been taken care of.

Best West Coast destinations and neighborhoods

A variety of great neighborhoods beckon to those dreaming of relocating from East to West Coast. Premier neighborhoods of the Los Angeles area include Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Holmby Hills, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, and Malibu. 

These premier West Coast neighborhoods offer a variety of properties in various sizes, formats, and price ranges. Depending on your lifestyle and your preferred home, a West Coast relocation specialist can help you to narrow down the best destination for you. Each of these areas has its various niche neighborhoods with different history and aesthetics. As a West Coast expert, Nancy has the expertise to help navigate the top private schools, interior designers, builders, architects and all the other needed resources for your home.

Getting started with your West Coast relocation

If you dream of moving from East to West Coast, a relocation specialist can show you how easy, practical, and satisfying this move can be. You will be one of millions to have made the choice to relocate to one of the exciting destinations on the American West Coast. West Coast relocation specialist Nancy Ellin has listings throughout the premier neighborhoods of the Los Angeles area. Reach out with your inquiries about relocating to the West Coast and see how easy it could be to make it happen.

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Whether you are relocating or an LA native, Nancy's knowledge, expertise and relationships will help buy or sell your home in Beverly Hills or Bel Air. Her full service approach, hand holding every step of the process while maintaining the highest level of attention to detail.